“Our family has been big fans of your salsa for a while now and thought you’d like to know that we introduced our friends to your Original Fire Roasted Medium salsa yesterday at our annual summer kick-off barbeque.  Wow, was it ever a huge hit!  Everyone thought that it was home made.  It had to show them the jar to prove to them that it wasn’t.  Keep up the great work!” 

Jeff M. (Los Angeles, CA)

“I just wanted to write you a quick note to let you know how much we like enjoy your Fire Roasted Salsa.  It truly stands out from the other store bought brands we have tried.  Coming from a family that puts salsa on just about everything, we tried pretty much every salsa out there.  Yours takes the cake by far!”

The Miller Family (Gardena, CA)

“I’m sure you hear this a lot, but I just wanted you to know that your Fire Roasted Salsa is OUTSTANDING!  It has just the right texture and amount of heat.  And the fire- roasted flavor puts it over the top.  We just wish it was easier to find.  Is there a website where I can place orders for delivery?  Let me know.  Thanks.”

P Johnson (Long Beach, CA)

“Our family loves your salsa.  Coming from a family of finicky eaters, that’s really saying something.  It’s the best out there.”

C. Meiners (Alameda, CA)

“I’ve loved your Fire Roasted Medium Salsa for some time and I just had the chance to try your Hot version recently.  It’s simply awesome!  There is no other salsa like it in the stores.”

J.M. (Torrance, CA)

“Very delicious salsa with a kick!  Chunky ingredients and the richness make this a great compliment to any snack or meal!” 

Henry C. (Torrance, CA)

“I think I’m addicted to this salsa.  Chips, chicken, rice, tacos... it’s good with everything.  Just the right amount of spice.” 

Efren R. (Arleta, CA)

“Original Fire Roasted Medium is just right for me.  Not too spicy...it’s just perfect.  It’s very flavorful and it’s great with everything!!! Can’t wait to see see them in stores all over the country =)” 

Nina (SFV, CA)

“The flavor is very authentic.  I can’t wait to try the Spicy flavor!   I can’t stop snacking on chips with this salsa....Love it!” 

Jojo  (SFV, CA)

“The original fire roasted medium salsa is so tasty!  It’s so rich, full of flavor and the spices are blended perfectly. This, without a doubt is a great tasting salsa. I’ve been trying it on different foods and everything comes out tasting better! I can’t stop eating it.”


Eddie C. (Santa Monica, CA)

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